Mar 13 Lo-Hi

In Lo-Hi Setups on March 13, 2013 at 6:24 am

A fairly short list today, which could be a signal that this group’s momentum is waning, but too early to tell right now.

As always, these are low priced stocks with bullish setups on daily timeframe, including price points which may signal a likely move higher. Our objective is to find 3-5 with the best price/volume action and trade them.

  • HZNP – 2.28
  • PWER – 4.40
  • LDK – 1.60
  • AMD – 2.64
  • ENTR – 4.55
  • GA – 6.52
  • SUTR – 1.99
  • PPHM – 1.67

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